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Nick's latest title - Bug Book

A fascinating discovery of the world of the mini beasts, the bugs that can be found in our back gardens - worms, snails, ants, woodlice, centipedes, flies, grasshoppers, beetles, bees, wasps, spiders and butterflies. Nick offers practical information and fun activities for the whole family. In Nick's 'Bug Book' you will find out how to determine the sex of a spider, how to look after ants in a home-made formicarium and even how to rear your own dragonflies!
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My First Cockroach and Giant Millipede t.f.h Kingdom Books 1997 ISBN 1 85279 0822
Nick Baker’s Bug Book New Holland 2002 ISBN 1 85974 8953
Nick Baker’s British Wildlife New Holland 2003 ISBN 1 84330 0605
The New Amateur Naturalist / The First Time Naturalist HarperCollins 2004 ISBN 0 00 715 7312
Habitat Explorer Guide: Forests and Woodlands HarperCollins 2006 ISBN 0 00 720 7654
Habitat Explorer Guide: Seashore HarperCollins 2006 ISBN 0 00 720 7670
Habitat Explorer Guide: Gardens and Parks HarperCollins 2006 ISBN 0 00 720 7662
Habitat Explorer Guide: Rivers, Ponds and Lakes HarperCollins 2006 ISBN 0 00 720 7646
Nick Baker's: Bug Zoo Dorling Kindersley 2010 ISBN 1 40 535 3481


Periodicals Nick writes for

National Trust Magazine (The National Trust) current
BBC Wildlife magazine current
BBC Gardeners World current
Birds Magazine (RSPB )   occasional
WINGBEAT (RSPB Wildlife Explorers) occasional
NATURAL WORLD (Wildlife Trusts) occasional
Devon Today occasional
The Guardian: Guardian Travel 2006-2007
FBX Magazine A long time ago!


Nick Baker