Battle Cat

I’ve tried everything. It started with me just shouting and issuing forth a violent hissing noise. Then it started to get me twitchy family meals were often interrupted with me running for the door and chasing the offending feline up the garden path having caught a glimpse of the ginger bird murderer stalking its next potential Siskin or Sparrow. I’ve had plenty of piles of feathers in my garden, feather memorials to a perfect little Goldfinch or Greenfinch that will no longer be adorning my feeders or tinkling form the tree tops EACH joining the 55 million other such cases each year in the UK.

I set my Bushnell trail Cameras in the garden and found that there are a total of 6 cats using my garden – unbeknown to me. So that’s why my lawn has become a cat litter, why my compost is regularly dragged out and the refuse sacs shredded.

So what to do? I might not like what cats do to our native British Wildlife, but I like my neighbours and one needs to get on in the community – so I cannot possibly deploy anything too drastic but all the same there is something infuriatingly unhygienic and disgustingly anti-social about the things – why should my little patch, my wildlife garden sanctuary be blighted by them? Why must I continuously be wiping cat scat from my six year old daughters boots? or worse trying to get the taste of it out of my mouth having hit some scat with the strimmer! (Don’t worry – my wife does the strimming now – with a mask and goggles).

I’ve tried Lion dung, cat deterrent pellets, Cayenne pepper all to no avail.

Until I discovered a company that make a device call the Scarecrow – it plugs into the hosepipe and with an IR sensor it detects the cats movement and blasts it with water – nobody gets harmed and I no longer have to chase the things around the garden – perfect! the downside is I have to remember that I’ve got the thing turned on – otherwise a jaunt to the garden shed can end up giving me or any other member of the family a good soaking!

Here’s the last nights video response from the cat – I get some kind of pleasure from watching the Scarecrow in action … usually with the bitter memory of the taste of cat scat in my mouth or the image of another dead bird. Oh and ignore the time code – I forgot to reset it after charging batteries in camera!

I will keep you updated on my personal quest to deter the cats once and for all from my otherwise lovely garden.