New Music from Dartmoor

The Hawk and Hares

At a party in late 2013 Ian and two friends decided to produce a Moreton-Chagford album, a collaboration between people in these two small Devon towns. As well as being a showcase of some of the best new music being played in the area, it is also a sign of peace. Historically, since 1207, Moretonhampstead and Chagford have not always seen eye to eye.

In The Hawk and Hares: New Music from Dartmoor,  Ian Mortimer, Chris Back and Steve Dooley have created an extraordinary musical mix – from pop to experimental techno-bagpipes. Ian describes it as “a bundle of sounds of lives lived differently – just twelve of the many small explosions of creativity that happen daily in these two small towns”.

There’s something incredibly special about Dartmoor. And the people who live here. There’s a connection with the land in all creative expression, especially music. It’s a place that gets deep into your soul.

The Hawk and Hares features the track Country Foxes by Nick’s Dartmoor band Skinny Dog.

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