Family Wildlife Adventures

As a naturalist Nick has travelled to many of this planet's most exotic and fascinating places. Whenever possible he loves to share his travels with his wife, Ceri, and their young daughter, Elvie.

Nick's choice of travel company is Reef & Rainforest because family wildlife adventures is one of their specialities. In recent years he has been leading guided tours for them whenever his schedule allows, generally two tours a year, and his family go with him.

Costa Rica with Nick Baker

Wonders of the natural world

Reef & Rainforest offer family wildlife adventures either as tailor-made tours or as part of an expertly-led escorted group. For each itinerary the emphasis is firmly on achieving a good variety of nature-based activities which will educate and appeal to all family members and help them appreciate more the wonders of the natural world – while enjoying themselves immensely. Reef & Rainforest

Many of their consultants have travelled with their own children and so understand what works when designing a tailor-made holiday from scratch. The same knowledge and consideration go into Reef & Rainforest’s family group programme, led by TV presenter and naturalist Nick Baker.

Uniquely for leaders, Nick is accompanied by his wife, Ceri, and their young daughter, Elvie, so there’s someone for everyone (and because it’s a full time job). Nick’s Belize trip went swimmingly well – they spent half the time in the lush interior rainforests and the rest far out to sea on an idyllic island at the edge of the barrier reef – and all concerned had a whale of a time.

Nick, Ceri and Elvie’s 2016 group to Costa Rica will be equally as adventurous and fun. Whether you join Nick and his family or have a privately arranged tailor-made tour of your own, it is certain that you will return home having had the best family holiday possible.

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Nick’s Exotic Wildlife Group Adventures are organised and facilitated by Reef & Rainforest, the Devon-based specialist natural history tour operator. Their ATOL bond (no.4088) ensures that your money is fully protected by the Civil Aviation Authority.