Let my family take your family to Namibia……. go on it’ll be fun!

Nick Baker holds up an Armoured Ground Cricket as the sun sets, near Khowarib, Namibia



I have in recent years started working for Willdife Worldwide an adventure,wildlife tour company with a difference and this year in 2019 they’ve made it possible to offer a family trip to one of the most beautifully arid countries on earth – Namibia.

Whether it’s the towering dunes, classic African Safari experiences or getting down to the intricate subtlties of the numerous species that specialise in survival in one of the most extrem places on earth… this trip promises ot be a good one.

For more information get in touch with Wildlife Worldwide here.


THIS TRIP HAS SOLD OUT – However if you’re interested in hearing about other similar itineraries we may put on in the future contact Wildlife Worldwide. reservations@wildlifeworldwide.com