My favourite autumnal thing.. #MyAutumn

Before we get all brumal and the curtain of winter finally draws closed over the year, it seems life has one last fling. We call it Autumn. Now, there is so much going on this season from fungal fecundity, winter migrant birds checking in to the berries, seeds and fruits hanging heavy in the hedges and of course the famous colour scene as deciduous leaves burn out in a blaze of seasonal hues, it’s hard to pick a favourite.

 Normally I wouldn’t have to. But because I’m part of the BBC’s Autumnwatch team – I’ve been asked by my producer (and ‘more than capable Laura’) to come up with one – now this is more difficult than it sound, so much autumnal magic, to choose from. Of course I wanted to find something a bit different and while pondering on the subject in my garden at the beginning of the week – my eye was caught by a colour show that although small was so bright it burned itself on my minds eye. A plant that is easy to forget, so subtle and waif like most of the year it is only now that it shines – I of course planted these Spindle trees for this very berry (it’s actually a fruit but I like the alliteration) and until today almost forgot all about them.

So here is a little video I shot on my phone – it lacks completely in most things a good film should, but you get the idea  and if nothing else, if it makes you look out for this often overlooked Autumnal phenomena then it’s done it’s job. Enjoy autumn and do let the team @BBCSpringwatch know what your favourite Autumnal things are using the hashtag #MyAutumn