A real pocket microscope

As a young naturalist, a helpful tool of your trade will be a pocket microscope. Nature offers so many fantastic things to observe and discover close up.

This is the way to study the natural world and make your own discoveries. You’ll soon be appreciating the complexity and beauty of the microscopic world. Take a pocket microscope outside into your garden or park where you can find bird’s feathers and leaves and bark on trees.caterpiller and eggs

You’ll soon be seeing the world around you in a new way.

For example, peer under a cabbage leaf in the late summer and you may see something that resembles little yellow dots. Look at them through your microscope and alien pod shapes are revealed, ribbed, conical and weird.

Nick Baker's pocket microscope

30x Pocket Microscope

Nick’s My Living World kits have a Pocket Microscope within the range, a real microscope that magnifies 30 times using precision optics.

It’s ideal for crime solving and nature studies and is an invaluable companion. Small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to magnify an ant to look like the size of an antelope!


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Recommended for ages 6 years and over.