Fascinating mini monsters

NiSpiderck has a passion for bugs. To him they are fascinating mini monsters and spiders are a particular favourite.  But why are they so misunderstood?

If you take the chance to get to know them properly you’ll find that they too have a ‘personality’ and are busily going about their lives just as we are. They are truly amazing creatures and well worth your investigations.

Find out what they get up to and then you’ll be amazed at just how important they are to all of us.



There are lots of different species of spiders, for example Wolf Spiders, Cellar Spiders, Window Spiders, Lace-Web Spiders. Look around your home and you are likely to find a common House Spider at almost any time of the year.

They might not be particularly colourful – dark brown with black patterns – but they are big and spectacular. The adult males can be identified by the very distinctive swollen palp.

Nick’s Spider World kit is part of the My Living World range.

The kit and Nick’s detailed guide will teach you how to keep spiders safely as pets for a week or two to observe how they make their nests, and how the feed and breed.




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Recommended for ages 5 years and over.