Learn about Butterflies

The creatures you find in your own garden will offer you an incredible insight into the interaction between all living organisms and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover. The most dazzling of all are butterflies.

Those we commonly see we may take for granted but a bit more investigation and we’ll be drawn into a whole new world of exploration and discover these creatures are  important to keeping life going on this planet.


If you ever thought that butterflies were just well, pretty, think again because the truth is that their life cycle is one of nature’s most remarkable transformations. A tiny bead of an egg hatches into a leaf munching caterpillar that eventually transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

It was Nick’s fascination with tiny garden creatures that absorbed him as a kid – the wildlife in his garden, the bugs and butterflies that were right there in front of him that got him started on his life as a naturalist.

Butterfly World from My Living World


Nick’s range of My Living World kits came about from a desire to share his passion for wildlife and inspire young people to enjoy nature as he does.

The Butterfly World kit is a fun hands-on nature study kit that contains all the equipment required to observe and study the fascinating life cycle of butterflies. It includes an illustrated colour guide with interesting facts and advice about butterflies.



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Recommended for ages 5 years and over.