Worms are Wonderful!

It’s easy to take worms for granted as they live out their lives right beneath our feet, but they’re brilliant little animals and we owe them a massive debt of gratitude.

As they quietly work away at their lives, toiling in dark tunnels, they’re enriching the very soil that you and I depend on – mixing it up, fertilizing it and allowing air and water to penetrate it. This creates healthy soil where plants can grow healthily and the animals that eat the plants are healthy too. A worm

In fact everything is happy from the plants up! And that includes the very plants we depend on from crop fields to forests. The positive influence of worms can be seen and felt everywhere.

If you love worms you’re in good company; Aristotle was a fan as was Cleopatra, while Darwin dedicated something like 31 years of his life to studying them.

Create your very own wormery

Worm World kit You can create your own wormery with a Worm World kit from My Living World. The kit includes a detailed booklet to help you get the most out of your worms. It’s for kids of all ages although young children will need the help and supervision of an adult.

Worm World is part of the award winning My Living World range that explores the incredible world of living creatures. The kits were developed by naturalist Nick Baker, to help young people develop an understanding of the natural world and consideration for the environment. And they’re great fun too!


For kids who love bugs

What is a Worm World kit?


Recommended for ages 5 years and over.


Note: Worms are not included in the kit. Instructions are given on how to find them in the wild; alternatively order worms from MyLivingWorld online.