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“I’m quite a simple bloke really, I just love being outdoors and I have a thing for animals and plants, I always have. I’ll be honest, I never expected my career to take the monumental leap it did and now I find myself in the dream job.

“Doing what I do, presenting TV programmes, I get to meet some of the natural world’s most exquisite creations – animals and plants I never dreamed of ever seeing. I’ve met some of the most dedicated and amazing people and I get to visit some of the planet’s most extraordinary places … too many to detail on this website, but as a way of giving you some kind of an idea of what I’ve been up to here is a brief summary of a few of my best bits as compiled by some lovely people who know me better than most … my agents at David Foster Management…. “

World Class Wildlife Presenter

When it comes to presenting wildlife Nick Baker is the total package – an edgy, exciting TV presenter with incredible drive and passion. His experience encompasses expeditions to the wildest parts of the planet in search of weird, bizarre and incredible creatures. His 3D one-off special Nick Baker’s Beautiful Freaks was broadcast recently on both Discovery (2D) and Sky 3D. He hosts BBC Autumnwatch Unsprung and Springwatch Unsprung and presented the popular long running Weird Creatures series (C5 / Animal Planet).

Nick’s knowledge and experience encompasses the wild in its broadest sense – serious natural history and science, explorations of land and ocean, conservation, extinction. He has presented on Harry Hill’s TV Burp, with Vic Reeves in Pirate Ship Live and on Tomorrow’s World. In the US, Nick was one of National Geographic’s Ultimate Explorers (National Geographic US / MSNBC). He covered anti-poaching patrols in Cambodia, Yellowstone to Yukon natural area, Ebola outbreak in the Congo and emergent zoonotic viruses.

And he was subsequently voted the most eligible presenter on cable by readers of People magazine in the United States.

Nick appears on many of our much loved UK TV shows such as Loose Women, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, The Paul O’Grady Show, BBC Breakfast, Inside Out, Richard & Judy. He has appeared on many US chat shows during his time presenting the Ultimate Explorers series in the United States.

An incredible global champion of the wild

Nick’s previous presenting has included many series and specials – The Really Wild Show (BBC 1), Killer Shark Live (C5), Test Your Pet – live series (CBBC & BBC1), SLUK – live outside broadcast, Under the Skin (BBC 2 and Animal Planet as “Deep into the Wild“) which included Rattlesnakes, Brown Bear, Rhino, Penguin, Antarctica and Costa Rica.

He presented Nick Baker Down Under series (Channel 5/National Geographic) and was a presenter for Tomorrow’s World (BBC 1) and Tomorrow’s World “Live Lab” – live outside broadcast; the Tomorrow’s World Special: Bond and Beyond, UK Wild 2000, Explorers Journal series (National Geographic Europe); Nick’s Quest ( Channel 5/Discovery) which included Anaconda, Great White Shark, Tuskless Elephant, Mountain Gorilla, Orinoco Crocodile; Nick’s Quest in Search of the Polar Bear (Channel 5/Discovery); Twister Week series (BBC), Watch Out (BBC2); Nick’s Quest: Cuban Crocodile ( Channel 5); The Wildlife Quiz (Channel 5); The Really Wild Show,  West Watch wth David Bellamy (HTV) covering Somerset Levels, Bridgewater Bay, Mendips, Avon Gorge, Cotswold Water Park; Really Wild Guide to Britain (BBC 1), Nature Detectives, Playdays.

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