What's happening

I've Only gone and moved to scotland!

As of late Summer, 2021 family Baker has moved to the Central Highlands of Scotland. We surprised ourselves, but after over 30 years (for me) and over a lifetime (for my wife Ceri) of living in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor national park, we felt is was something we needed to do. So we did it! Swapping one National Park for another we now call the Cairngorms home.

 It's a magical part of the world that I've got to know pretty well over the years of leading and guiding wildlife watching trips.

From Golden Eagles (I've even got them on my garden list already), Crested Tits, Pine Marten and Red Squirrels to the smaller life forms - the Cairngorms are a UK biodiversity hotspot when it comes to invertebrates - there is plenty to keep me occupied and busy as I explore by foot, wheel and paddle.

There is something wonderfully humbling about the mountains. It's a vast landscape and while it has its issues like all national parks. The sense of space is intoxicating and exciting. There are few places in the UK where you can sit in one spot and for as far as the eye can see is a landscape in recovery. as I mentioned it's not all like this but there is a sense of positivity I've not experienced anywhere else on our islands particularly at this scale!